iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14: A Comprehensive Comparison

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 are two generations of iPhones that offer a range of improvements and new features.

In this comparison, we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two models, highlighting the key upgrades in the iPhone 15. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it!


Firstly, we’re gonna kick it off by listing the similarities between these two gadgets. They include:

  • Both phones have a 6.1-inch display, although the iPhone 15 has a slightly higher resolution and a better screen-to-body ratio of around 86.4% .
  • Both models support 5G connectivity.
  • Both phones have a rear camera setup, with the iPhone 15 featuring a new 48MP main sensor.


Of course, being two model years, they have their differences, in most sectors of the phone despite their relatively similar appearance. These differences include:


  • The iPhone 15 is equipped with the new A16 Bionic chip, which outperforms the A15 Bionic in the iPhone 14 in various tests and benchmarks, offering improvements in compute power, graphics processing, and power efficiency.


  • The iPhone 15 introduces a new Dynamic Island feature, which is present on all models, including the non-Pro versions.
  • The iPhone 15 switches to a more universal USB Type-C port, replacing the Lightning cable found on the iPhone 14.
  • The iPhone 15 is available in a new set of colors and will have longer software support.


  • The iPhone 15 has a brighter display compared to the iPhone 14, however, they both have the same 6.1-inch display. The difference comes with the 0.4% increase in the size-to-body ratio in the iPhone 15 resulting in a 1.1 cubic centimeter difference in the screen landscape.


  • The iPhone 15 features a new 48MP main camera, which is notably better than the 12MP shooter on the iPhone 14.

Battery Life

  • The iPhone 15 has better battery life compared to the iPhone 14, with the iPhone 14 offering a 3279mAH battery as compared to the iPhone 15’s 3349mAH battery, paired with some clever battery-saving features on the iPhone 15.


  • The iPhone 15 is likely to be priced higher than the iPhone 14, with the iPhone 14 now available at a discounted price.


In conclusion, the iPhone 15 offers several improvements over the iPhone 14, including a faster processor, a brighter and more advanced display, a better main camera, and a more universal charging port. However, the iPhone 14 remains a great option for those looking for a more affordable choice.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade depends on your personal preferences and priorities, such as performance, camera quality, or design preferences.

(Featured Image credit to : MacRumors)

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